Monday, October 10, 2011

what sparks you? Danielle Donaldson

creatively anal.
an awkward yet amazingly accurate description of danielle’s art (and mind). it’s amazing how two words that are so vastly different can be paired together to create such a vivid picture. a true balance of coloring outside of the lines and making sure the lines are exactly the same width. 

danielle donaldson balances a bunch of stuff. the stuff that most people balance. significant other of 20 years, a college-aged daughter, a high-school senior son, a couple of dogs, a cat, a FULL time job and oh, her art.

she was just recently brave enough to transform her daughters room into a cute and oh-so visually stimulating “dorm room”. a bitty little corner of the house that she claims as her own. a space to make girly, a space to be brave (or not), a place to work and play.
it is filled with bits and pieces that make up her story. her version of it, anyway.

and her favorite thing to do is to just sit and stir the pot in her own noggin and dream up ways to capture her thoughts and feelings and put them on a canvas.

she uses paper from HomeGoods (you know the kind they wrap your stuff in – the newsprint kind) to sketch out her vision. then, with a flurry of mod-podge, paints, paper, frustration, giggles and a lot of nifty (and really anal, pen and graphite work) she sits back and smiles.

each mixed-media piece tells a story that she has trouble putting into words. with the hope that someone will look at it and tilt their head to the side and say, “Oh, I get this.”

and then danielle feels like she has told her story. kind of a hidden secret, “where’s waldo” kind of thing. and she smiles.

sometimes she even shares her words and process. check her out at and, you can see a fab original that was created just for Margie and Spark#3. prints will be there for sale so be sure to stop by the shop and see her work!
danielle donaldson
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The winners of Margies Halloween jewelry pieces are:

The Necklace goes to:
Cmad said...
I can't stop looking at this ADORABLE necklace. I swear I have gone back to Margie's blog a million times. I couldn't even read the entry, I could only look at the picture of the necklace and drool. I finally was able to read the blog entry on Spark's blog and realized the necklace is a giveaway. :)

And the earrings go to:
Barbara said...
Fabulous! I love that it's so easy to put together. Counting the days until Spark!

Please send Margie your address!


Alicia said...

That's one super-cool, artsy-fartsy, sherpa chick. ;) - I can say that because she's MY ubber-talented sister. Love you Danielle. You.Literally.Rock.

Barbara said...

I can't believe I won something!
So excited - Barbara - Thanks!

Nancy W said...

Margie's email is:

Lisa G. (Happy Mama) said...

Danielle rocks!! thanks for featuring her here :)

Nancy W said...

Looking forward to meeting Danielle! And getting my hand on one of her prints!

Larissa Heskett said...

CONGRATS LADIES!! THANKS for the chance to win and have a FABULOUS WEEK!! =)