Monday, August 29, 2011

class preview: nesting

To be honest, we had kind of a hard time nailing down what class Cathe was going to teach. 

We originally suggested to her that we might like a jewelry class of some sort. She sent an idea, and another idea and another and another.  This Cathe, well, ideas just pour out of her.

We had a hard time picking exactly what we loved the most, but we finally agreed on the nest necklace.

This year, we want Spark to feel like coming home.  We want everyone to feel like they just stepped into their grandma's house. And everyone they know and love are there. And grandma has been baking.

We feel that the nest necklace is a perfect symbol for home.

The nests Cathe will be making in her class may vary a little from the above photo, but the concept will be the same.  This will be a great intoduction into wiring for beginners and a fun free form project for seasoned jewelry makers. 

We can't say enough how happy we are to have Cathe on our Spark team this year.  She amazes us at each turn.  We can't wait to spend some time with her, and you.