Wednesday, September 7, 2011

what sparks you? Liz Eaton


I was asked the question:

    A creative space where I can create for 5 minutes here & 5 minutes there is the type of studio that I have tried to create in my home. I always have music playing, from the time we wake up, until we all go to bed, usually something on pandora one. or on iTunes. My studio is very little people friendly. I keep all things that little hands shouldn't get into out of reach & everything else is with in reach & free for them to "get into" whenever they choose. We, meaning me & my boys, spend most of our days in the studio. It's right off the kitchen & the backyard, so the boys can come & go & get me when they need me, but I usually am plucking away at some might be jewelry, art journaling, a mixed media wall hanging, sewing a quilt, making a frame or sign, working on a photo project,  or doing shrinky dinks with Dax. I love that we have this space in our home that everyone has full access to, that we LOVE to be. It is for sure the heart of our home.
& that is exactly how I want to keep it.

Oh & if I ever need to get some fresh vibes going, the best thing I have found is to do some inspiration window shopping on the computer, through blogs or pinterest, or by going out to my favorite stores, like anthropology, the central phoenix area shops, downtown mesa or anywhere else I can escape for a few (hopefully) kid free hours. The best inspiration, though, always comes when I can get away for a few days for a girls trip. I am heading up to Utah for one next month & I can't wait!

If you need some help sparking your creativity, check out this spark the event, I know it is going to help get my creative juices flowing. Until then, I hope these photos spark something in you.


Diptic copy 2
Diptic copy 3
Diptic copy
Diptic copy 4
Diptic copy 5

Liz will be part of our Handmade market this year! You can see more of her work on her blog and in her Etsy shop.