Wednesday, August 4, 2010

37 days....& counting!

Yup! We'll be *sparking* it up in just 37 short days!
We are so excited! Everything is coming together so well & so many little surprises up our sleeves!
We just posted the Schedule. Go check it out so you can see what we'll be doing. & WHO you will be sharing your Spark with....
Like we explained in that schedule, there will be 4 Core classes that will be 2 hours long.
4 Mini Classes that will be 1 hour long. And 8 mini-mini classes that will be rotating every 15 minutes. As we found out at Spark No. 1, we had some people that got *Sparked* by one project more than another person & so they stayed at that *station* longer.  
We get that. 
We know that each of us is *Sparked* by different things & our creativity thrives on things we know & love. But...we also challenge you to spread your brave & try new things

Also, check out our Spark Plugs...our Sponsors! and we are adding new ones everyday!  We couldn't do it without them! Send them a THANK YOU & if you are a company or artist who is still interested in sponsoring Spark, please let us know: Megan Aslett

Be sure to spread the word! We have a few spots left & would LOVE to share our Spark with even *more* Spark sisters
xoxo, Margie, Rhonna & Liz