Monday, March 22, 2010

Spark No 2

New Spark
New Look
New Venue

Hey Spark Sisters, It's Liz here and we are thrilled to announce some exciting details for Spark No 2!!

New Date & New Venue:::Mark your calendars::: SEPTEMBER 10-11 2010 at Noahs in Lindon, Utah.

Noah's is a raw, creative, funky building we will have all to ourselves. Overflowing with creativeness and fabulous decor! Think Vintage + Modern mixed in with artsy fun.

New Look::: Thanks to Rhonna's killer design skills the blog has a new look! As we are planning No. 2 we are inspired by new colors, new design inspiration and new decor. We're completely giddy when we plan all the little details!

New Classes & teachers: We'll be announcing the amazing line up for this year that is sure to Spark Your Creative Spirit. Check back to these fabulous ladies!

New and existing Sponsors: we are so excited to share the sponsors for Spark No. 2. If you are a creative company, individual or manufacturer that is interested in being a Spark Sponsor, please contact us at:

Building on Spark No 1:::
Spark No 1 introduced our message and our mission statement to spark your creative spirit within.
We will expound and dig deeper about our innate desire as women to create, how we all have our own strengths, & we each strive to find this little spark inside us that ignites and inspires others around us.
Sometimes this spark becomes dim... that's our goal... to light your creative fire within... and have fun in the process!! ;)


Stay tuned for the ticket price, teachers, show & tellers and sponsors!! Just wanted to fill you in on the important dates.

Any questions contact Megan Aslett

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hey Spark Sisters!
It's me Margie! Long time no Spark? Well, let's fix that! I am so excited about Spark No. 2! We, {Rhonna, Liz & I} are so excited!
We have a date...
We have a Venue...
We have a new look...
We have a new feel...
And we have a new way to Spark you, inspire you and be inspired by YOU! This week we plan on letting you in on what Spark No. 2 is going to be all about!
Color...I know we are all inspired by color...Color is all around us...We use it in the way we dress, we all have colors that look good on us, that we love to wear...We use color when we decorate our houses...Using color that makes us feel at home...And color all around us in nature...
At Spark No. 2 we are going to inspire you with New colors...
Keep checking the Spark blog this week! Rhonna and Liz are going to be blogging and on Monday March 22, twenty 10 we will be announcing all the information for Spark No. 2!
Until then! Keep sparking!
kiss kiss

Any questions contact Megan Aslett