Monday, April 11, 2011

And we're off!

Registration is well under way...Now it's time to get friendly!

(UPDATED from earlier today:)

We have opened up two great ways to connect with Spark Sisters,
months before the event even takes places! Pre-sparking if you will!

1) We have added a blog frog community to our sidebar. If you are registered for Spark, please make sure to visit our Blog Frog community and make sure to add your blog if you have one! 

2) As mentioned in Nancy's previous post, she has fabulously set up a Yahoo Group, which we recommend to use for exchanging/sharing personal information with each other. The below button has also been added to our sidebar for you to easily click, link, and join our private Yahoo Group.

We promise to bring you information on classes and teachers as soon as possible.  We are working hard to get everything nailed down and planned for an amazing event. EXCITEMENT...the Sparks ARE flying!