Monday, June 13, 2011

creativity workshop with Mindy

Here are some things you might not know about Mindy Gledhill that will probably make you like her even more than you already do.

I happen to know these things because I insisted we become friends. I couldn't imagine a life without her in it.

Okay, first, did you know she is currently pregnant with her third son? She is. And baby Gledhill the third has so kindly agreed to arrive in time for Spark.

Second, she likes to eat cereal late at night. I know this because I follow her on Twitter.  She likes cereal at night and she really likes to eat it in her grandmother's kitchen.

Third, she's thrifty.  She loves a good "junking" day.  She buys most of her dresses from the thrift store and has them tailored.  So don't ask her where she got that lovely frock she is sporting because you will never find one like it.  Believe me. I have tried.

Also, you might not know that Mindy is giving back to her hometown by serving on the board for the Rooftop Concert Series.

AND, the most exciting thing that I happen to know about Miss Mindy, other than the fact that she is kind and generous, is that she is writing more music.  Hopefully she will be able to perform some of her songs at Spark.

This year, Mindy will be teaching a workshop on how to tap into your creativity. She will be helping students think of things that are personal to them that can be used as "sparks" of creativity. And she will be singing a little here and there.

We are so excited to have Mindy at Spark again this year. She is truly inspirational in so many ways.

Now go and do something creative to kick off your week. Maybe listen to a little Mindy to get the juices flowing.


Love these photos? They were taken by Jefra Starr and styled by Rosie.