Tuesday, November 3, 2009

spotlight artist: megan faulkner brown

I remember about four? five? years ago when my friend Megan said she had an idea for a business selling cupcakes and was going to call it The Sweet Tooth Fairy. Next thing I knew, yes, she DID have a business called the Sweet Tooth Fairy, but not only that, it was booming and the cupcakes and baked yummies were DIVINE.

Then the next thing I knew she was featured on Rachel Ray not once, but twice, and opening a shop in Provo. And now, less than a year later, she's opening her second shop.
Megan is an artist with cake and flavors. She'll be demonstrating her mad skillz with fondant frosting at Spark on Friday.

spotlight artist: laura jarman

Laura Jarman is the owner of the FABULOUS Dear Lizzie in Highland, UT - one of the very best, most amazing and original stores in Utah

If you've never been you're in luck because Laura's going to be a demo artist at Spark. You're going to love her, Laura is the sweetest, most amazing person who just makes you feel important whenever you're around her. We love her so much.

plus -- they're going to be providing our lunch boxes on Saturday. YUM.

spotlight artist: rebecca mcallister

When Rebecca McAllister at Sassasfras sent over an example of what she'd like to create for Spark, the answer was an instant YES!! I'd use the words whimsical, retro, fun, bright, even quirky to describe the products that Sassifras offers. I can't wait for Rebecca to show up with her goodies at Spark....I'm going to be packing it in my basket tight. To see her blog, go to -- www.sassifras.typepad.com

Some of the fun goodies available over at Sassifras Lass

Here's what she's going to be sharing with us at Spark....