Friday, April 30, 2010

FAQs: Hotels & info

Many of you will be coming in from out of state/town, so I thought I'd give you some hotel suggestions & some info on the venue location & distance from the airport.

Noah's is located right off of the freeway & is about 48 mi. from the Salt Lake City Airport.
So, you could stay in a hotel anywhere along your travel route, but if it were me....I would stay in 1 of the 2 hotels that are right there at Thanksgiving Point. We, Utahns call this: The Point Of the Mountain. Which just means, it's about halfway in between Salt Lake City Valley (which is where the airport is) & Utah Valley (which is where Spark will be held.)
So, the hotels there are on the way, in between & all that jazz. Only about 15 min. from the venue at Noah's.

But...the very reason I would stay in one of those hotels is this: They are right there, very close to the freeway exit to...*dun dun dun* THE Dear Lizzie Boutique!!!!

Yes, it's true. You could go visit this lovely little boutique in all its glory! (I don't want to ruin any surprises, but....suffice it to say, Dear Lizzie will be a lovely part of the whole Spark experience at the venue.) It is a straight shot East towards the fabulous mountains & you can get directions here.

So, the 2 hotels there are:
Marriott Spring Hill Suites
Hampton Inn

Grab your girlfriends, fly on in, rent a car & come & Spark it up with us! We are so excited!
Any questions contact Megan Aslett

The low down: who, what, when, where, how much?

Who: anyone who wants to have their creativity sparked!

What: all inclusive 2 day Creative event & Artisan market filled with 4 major classes, 4 mini classes & mini mini classes!
this means: all supplies, 4 meals & drinks & all the Spark goodies & inspiration you can handle *& even a little indulgence probably*

A unique, one of a kind Artisan Market that will be open the entire time...think: cool, funky, boutique at your fingertips. Can I hear a *hallelujah?*

When: 9am-10pm Friday, Sept. 10 & 9am-11pm Saturday, Sept. 11. (a little longer than last year so we can get Sparked even MORE)

Where: The amazing Noah's in Lindon, Utah. The entire facility will be ours including all of the modern conveniences like laptop connections, internet access & the amazing raw, funky*ness of the place! rooftop, gardens....*sigh* we can't WAIT!

How much: $350 Registration opens on May 1st at 10:00 am mountain time: HERE. on the blog. We will be accepting all credit cards via PayPal. See some explanation here:

So, here's a low down on HOW to register:

Click on the Buy Now button. As you can see PayPal will accept other credit cards.

Please include this in your Message To Sender in PayPal:
(we'll have a more detailed questionaire we'll send out to you once we get registration finished!)

For a review on everything the $350 includes:
-Ticket price includes Full Kits with all the supplies for every class, mini class & mini mini and let me tell you, they will be fabulous! (You will only be asked to bring your basic tools and a list of those will be given to you after you've bought your ticket to the event. These tools will, mostly likely, be stuff you already have on hand)

- Goodie Bag at registration. Not goodies to eat (though those will be there too), but sparky, amazing, fun, eye-candy goodies... :)

-And it also includes your food, which is:

Snacks and drinks throughout the day

Snacks and drinks throughout the day
(your hotel stay is extra if you are not local.)

**Note: if you have any dietary restrictions, please let us know so we can make sure we are feeding you the kind of energy you need!

So, your Event Ticket will get you everything you need aside from travel and hotel accomodations.
If you are local, you're set.

If you are coming from out of town, you'll have some extra costs:

You will need to get a hotel.
Air or car travel...gotta get you here somehow!

**refund policy:
Full refund minus processing fee of $10 until Aug. 12, 2010.
After that we can refund 50%,
but after Sept. 2, 2010 there will be no refund.
Ticket price will go up to $375 after Aug. 12, 2010.

Any questions contact Megan Aslett

Thursday, April 29, 2010

a little more info....about some of our teachers!

We are pleased, excited and thrilled to introduce you to three of our Spark teachers for 2010...{we like to have some surprises!} They are the 'other person' that will *spark* our creative spirits during this event...& we are already so grateful for them. Let's meet these amazing teachers that will light the flame within us!

Wendy Whitacre...
Wendy is an
amazing photographer...She and her husband are the amazing team of Blue Lilly Photography...The two of them travel all over the country shooting some of the most beautiful photos and they teach workshops too...We have not met Wendy in person, but looking at her photos and talking with her on the phone I know we are all going to LOVE her! We can’t wait to learn, be inspired and wowed by Wendy!

Wendy is:

53% Crazy in love with taking pictures
30% Crazy in love with my clients
42% Crazy in love
3% Bad at addition
5% Rolly Polly
20% So fast that when I turn off the light at night, I am in bed before it is dark
18.32% precise
77% so fun that you will be actually smiling (or else)
2% sorry for threatening you
100% alive

You can find more about
Wendy's personality (more than you'll ever need to know) by visiting Blue Lily's blog.
You can see her portfolio work at
You can see her making a fool out of herself just about anywhere.

Emily Falconbridge
Em has been a friend of mine for years. Em has the most amazing artistic life. Everything Em does is done with love and creativity. Emily and her family live in Australia and will be returning to the states to live this Summer. We are so excited that we will benefit by having Em teach at Spark.

Emily is...

a lover of mess, color and handmade things!

As one of the original ‘freestyle scrapbookers’ she is known for her free-spirited use of supplies and turning the ordinary and recycled into something special!

An Australian gal currently living in the USA, her pride and joy is her nutty scientist husband Mick and three little sunflower sprouts Ivy, Yindi and Banjo.
She loves to teach and share her creative passion, and holds workshops all over the world as well as online.
You can find Emily’s work regularly in Creating Keepsakes magazine, the Autumn Leaves book series and

Janet Hopkins
If there is anyone that can knock your socks off with her amazing vintage mixed media art, it's Janet. She's a co-founder of House of 3 with our own Rhonna & she will surely bring a Spark
to everyone's creativity with her incredible class!

Janet is:

an innovative artist who has found that there is an artist inside just needs the opportunity to come out and to thrive.

Since finding her passion, Janet's work has been published in all of the major publications as well as the covers of several magazines. She has contributed to over thirteen idea books and has been blessed to have worked with some of the top manufacturers in the business.

...*** and our last teacher will be announced shortly! like we said....we have some surprises up our sleeves. *wink*

Just as a reminder...Registration starts May 1st...10:00 am mountain standard time
Any questions contact Megan Aslett
She will be handling all questions and concerns...
kiss kiss,