Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Show your face!

I feel like a tiny fish in a big pond here at Spark. I'm pretty sure it was a mistake that I got asked to be a teacher, but let's not tell the Spark girls, ok? Phew.

So. I am Wendy and I am a photographer. My husband and I are a team and we photograph a lot of things. People, mostly. Among our most inspirational subjects are children. I know, I know, it sounds like a Hallmark card, ew. But, really. Kids are walking, talking, occasionally tantrum-throwing examples of how to live life to the fullest. Everything is approached with an all or nothing attitude, and I think we can at times learn a lot from that.

From a photography standpoint, kids are a fascination. The range of facial expressions a kid will show us in a minute or less is pretty much amazing. I, like every other mom, like to take my kids out for little photo sessions for fun, and man, I get some crazy stuff. Take this photo, for example.

Just one second earlier his smile was as wide as Kansas. Here's what I think went down.

Isaac: (smiling, yea, even beaming) Can we play Chutes and Ladders now?
Me: No.

You see? So anyway, I looked through the files and these were definitely the best, hands down. While at times I may wish that my kids could reign in their crazy emotions, other times I'm glad they remind me that life is about feeling. And once again I'm inspired to go experience life to the fullest. (yes sometimes I throw tantrums too, so what?)

Before I part, I'll give you shutter bugs one little completely-unasked-for piece of advice: Don't hold your trigger finger in the hover position just because that kid of yours is pulling a frown of the most EPIC proportions. Click away and just ROLL with laughter as you go through the images.