Friday, August 5, 2011

welcome cathe!

Sometimes serendipity works it's magic in such a way that you can only stand back and scratch your head. 
This is what happened:

We unexpectedly had one last class to fill and we were a little worried and stressed. I had been emailing creative women to ask them to write a post for us on what sparks your creativity. I have been following Cathe Holden's work, like, forever, but I didn't know her personally.  So I sent her an email through Flickr asking if she would be interested in doing a blog post.  She answered that, yes she would be happy do the the post but she was hoping that I had contacted her to teach at Spark because she loves what we are all about.

And there you have it. Serendipity. Cathe is a dream teacher. She can do just about anything. I mean, have you seen her blog? Really? It's amazing.

And she's a delight to work with. We are over the moon excited to have her as part of our team.

After successful careers as an agency art director, design firm owner, graphic artist & illustrator, Cathe gravitated toward creative blogging and all sorts of crafting with an emphasis on repurposing and a passion for vintage style. Inspiring others through her blog,, she has had projects featured in and is a regular collaborator with Country Living magazine. Her blog was recognized as Flea Market Style magazine’s Best Vintage Artist’s blog to follow. She is a weekly creative blogger for SC Johnson’s Family Economics since 2008. She lives in beautiful Petaluma, California among the dairies and vineyards with her husband, Jeff, and three teenage children.

Stay tuned because we will be introducing Cathe's and Donna's classes in the next couple of weeks and, belive me, they are super fun!

Cathe is taking Alisa's spot as one of our teachers. Alisa has some health issues going on in her family right now and she needs to focus on being there for the people she loves. We hope she will still be able to come to Spark and meet everyone and most of all we hope and pray for good health for her family.

Don't forget, we just offered split payments, so register today!