Monday, August 17, 2009

Spark the creativity within....

This was us today....
sparks flying.
Jefra snappin' shots of the creative process.

We are loving the amazing journey we are taking as we plan this event! Things are coming together & we are so excited to share all the details!

I thought it would be fun to give you a little taste of the classes we are planning.
We will be offering 4 different classes that involve the creative process. & all attendees will be experiencing each class in a rotating format.

Photography class.
Everyone's process is different, but, we will show you how to look at things differently when photographing...whether you have a cell phone, point & shoot or SLR camera!'s all about seeing & capturing the creative spark.

Mixed Media journal/book class.
We will spark your creative process as we gather inspirations, photos, sketches, ideas...everything to spark
your creative spirit!

Jewelry class.
We will focus on the creative process, journey & what sparks YOU as you gather charms & other bits of creativity to wear & adorn your creative self!

Fabric/Sewing class.
We will explore the tactile world of fabric & create something amazing!
How about working with a yard of your favorite fabric? found materials? all the while getting your spark on!

And...just think. All of these classes will be held in these amazingly COOL, OLD & CHARMING churches, social halls & theaters at This Is The Place Village.
We'll be creating on these old, thick, chunky tables in halls filled with pillars, old wood floors, gorgeous huge windows that overlook the Salt Lake Valley...'s breathtaking.
We are hoping it will be just the
Pièce de résistance of our creative event...sure to Spark your creative spirit!

As Margie said, registration begins on August 24th, so check back soon for more details!