Sunday, March 27, 2011

The thing about Spark...

The girl was a little afraid of the sparkler.  It was so alive and threw off white hot flashes that didn't quite burn her hand, but startled her all the same.  She stood alone, at the edge of the party, memorized by the radiance. She held it at arms length and watched as the flame dwindled and then fizzed out completely. She instantly regretted not enjoying the moment more. 

She found herself in darkness watching the others wave their sparklers through the air.  They seemed so unafraid of the energy they held pinched in their fingers.  She thought she might give it another try. This time she waved the flame a bit making a figure eight in light.  When the blaze started to die, she was handed another sparkler.  She touched her unlit stick to another girl's flame and with a hiss and a pop, her own stick lit up with a large flourish.  It was exhilarating  to the girl who wasn't used to such vivacity.

This is how she learned to keep her sparkler alive. If you search, you will find a person who's flame is bright and full.  Reach out your hand. They will light your spark.

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