Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Spark re-cap...LIVE Webshow!

I'm so excited...we are doing our LIVE Webshow this week & we'll be featuring a Spark Re-cap with Margie Romney-Aslett!  (Liz will be getting ready to go teach at Inspiration Unlimited *with Janet! We'll miss, you Liz!)  

So..join us tomorrow night HERE. And Margie, Heidi & I will be *sparkin* it up! holla!

Friday, September 10, 2010

It's time to ......

SPARK it up!  We were busy all day yesterday transforming our venue into a *sparkle* wonderland! I got to chalk up the outside of the building....

JMills was there setting up his film equipment...Dear Lizzie boutique is on-site....teachers popped in here & there to say HI...our a*mazing creative partners Persnickety Prints & Abode delivered all of the *spark* goodness & manufacturers like Silhouette delivered some *golden ticket* prizes! 

The Smile Now Photobooth just *had* to be tested out..*wink* &
Amy & Vivian were there getting the Spark Eats all glammed up! 
 ...gathering up my laptop & other sundries to head out to the venue this morning bright & early...

We are so excited to meet up & get this party started! see you soon!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Spark No. 2...Lights camera action...

I want to introduce you Sparks to Jeremy Miller...
If you were one of over 200,000 people who have watched the Spark No. 1 video you know his work...

|SPARK| from Jmills ENT. Jeremy Miller on Vimeo.
Jeremy is the most talented, hardest working young men that I happen to know. He normally doesn't make movies with a bunch of women creating...His movies are usually in the Snow's all over the world filming Action Sports films or Commercial films in Africa, Europe, South America, really the world...But...He and my daughter {Meg, Spark's admin} boyfriend, of over TWO years...{hint hint}

 So because he's Meg's, he's Sparks! We are so lucky to have him again this year at Spark! He will be filming with his crew so when you see a "few" men around know they are capturing YOU at Spark! So smile...Be Adorable...This video is going to feature YOU SPARKS! Jeremy is going to be pre-selling copies at Spark to YOU attendees at this exclusive price...

This from Jeremy...
This is sure to be a creative masterpiece that you lucky Spark attendees will be included within.  My team and I will be putting together a DVD of the event and all you Sparks.  The cost of the DVD will be $20 USD plus shipping and handling.
“I am excited to be part of such an artistic amazing event such as Spark 2.0.  My crew and I look forward to creating a cinematic experience that will showcase the event and inspire one to create.” 

Jeremy Miller
Again, another amazingly creative person at Spark! {this time a man!}
Rhonna , Liz and I are so grateful to Jmills for providing us with his time and is a HUGE contribution to Spark!
kiss kiss

Mindy Gledhill is so *sparky*

Check out her new music video....I am in LOVE! There's something so *spark*y about her lyrics, her style, her attitude! I love it!  In fact, we've even included some of her lyrics as part of our 'd├ęcor' at Spark...THAT is how inspired we are!
And....can you believe we get to be personally sparked by HER? Tomorrow night at Spark? can. not. wait! We love you Mindy!
pst. if you haven't purchased her album yet...do it. now. you won't regret the inspirational, amazingly FUN music of Mindy! 

Today is the day we transform our fab, funky venue into the Spark EVENT! Noah's has been a*mazing to work with!  For you locals..we HIGHLY recommend this venue for ANYTHING! They are amazing!

We are so excited to decorate today...& have some surprises up our sleeve....have you ever wanted to SEE the magic happen? hmm.....I LOVE befores & afters! 
see you soon, sparkettes!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

another *spark* surprise....

Everyone loves to go on a treasure hunt...to find a treasure...   well...we're going to have a little fun at Spark!

We'll be hiding SPARK Golden Tickets all over our venue & when a Spark finds one...on Saturday night at our Spark Soiree, we'll be handing out the *grand prizes* to the finders of the Golden Tickets!...talk about sparking your creative soul! We can't wait!
2 days & counting....

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What to wear...What to bring...

Let's talk weather! Here's the skinny...
It's going to be beautiful...
Utah in September is one of the best times of the year! Looking at the forecast...We are going to have sunshine and blue skies...Perfect! One thing...The evenings can get chilly...So, for Friday night you are going to want a little sweater, or jacket or sweatshirt! Friday night you may want a lap quilt...We will be sitting out in the garden for the Mindy Gledhill's concert...It is going to be magic...
Speaking of what to bring...Look at your class supply lists...
I love creating in an apron...I know in Emily's class you may be getting wet...In April's class there will be Mod Podge and painting...So, an apron might be a good idea!
Less than three days away...
We are so excited...
kiss kiss

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Hotel info....

For those of you traveling from the South... Check out more info for the Hampton Inn in Orem:

They also offer our SPARKS a complimentary shuttle to and from NOAH'S.

And for those of you coming from the airport or up North... 
There are 2 hotels there at Thanksgiving Point (close to Dear Lizzie Boutique & Bistro)

If you're interested in a gorgeous view, few guests & a Bed & Breakfast, check out: Alpine Quilt Retreats Bed & Breakfast.

Can't wait to spark it up in 5 days!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

6 days & counting...MORE Spark news...

Each day, as the week goes on & we get closer to Spark, we'll be sharing last minute reminders, info, etc. 

First up: Check out this private party Dear Lizzie Boutique & Bistro is putting on at their store! It's planned for right after our closing rooftop Soiree at the venue...but for those that still have Spark Energy...10pm-1:00am.
As noted, you'll need to provide your own transportation.

and....secondly, since breakfast is kind of an 'iffy' thing for some....there will be Grab & Go Breakfast Special for $5 at the front doors each morning...brought to you by Dear Lizzie Boutique & Bistro....You can snag some eats for $5...bagel with cream cheese & fresh juice! mmm!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

ReaD aLL aBouT iT!

Check out the press release on Spark No. 2! Can't wait...still a few more spots...Register today!

SPARK Number Two Takes Strike And Ignites Local Imagination

Annual Event Inspires Local Creativity

08.31.2010 – Of interest to editors and journalists covering local news, special events, the arts, and are in search of a unique story.

LINDON, UT, Friday, September 10, 2010 and Saturday, September 11th 2010 – SPARK number two, the second annual event designed for the creative spirits in search for an extra spark, that turn hobbies into artistic masterpieces. One of the three founders, Rhonna Farrer, when asked how SPARK came to be, says, “We realized how desperately Utah needed a creative event that is unique and sparks creativity.” The two-day event will take place at Noah’s of Lindon, where the exterior of the building will serve as a blank canvas for participants to show their artistic originality with colorful chalk.

“This is a local event that will get people excited about their hobbies of the arts. Whether it’s photography, jewelry making, scrap booking, wool felting; whatever it may be, SPARK will spark their creative outlets,“ says Farrer. A ticket includes an assortment of art classes instructed by talented artists coming nationally and internationally, along with lunch, dinner, and snacks throughout the day. Friday night concludes with an unplugged concert by Mindy Gledhill in the garden area of Noah’s. A Rooftop Soiree on Saturday night will finalize the SPARK event. Additional information about SPARK number two can be found on the event site, www.sparktheevent.com.

The founders of SPARK, Elizabeth Kartchner, Margie Romney-Aslett and Rhonna Farrer, are three self-taught arts and crafts loving women from Utah, that have traveled the world and inspired artistic minds throughout the country and worldwide. Last year was SPARK’s first go-around and the success was larger than they expected. Farrer states, “This year, we have capped the event at 200 people and there are very few spots left.” This event provides the resources to spark the creativity of artistic wannabes and event gallery aficionados locally and beyond.

Noah’s – 644 N. 2000 W. Lindon, UT – (800) 696- 6247 - www.mynoahs.com