Wednesday, September 30, 2009

and the winner is...

I used the cute random number generator at Tara Frey's blog (Rhonna's graphic!) to find our lucky winner... drum roll... and the Spark winner is:

Blogger Mandi Medford said...

Wahoo sounds like fun!

Lets get sparks flying!

- Mandi Medford

Wahoo! Email me your addy at elizabeth.kartchner (at) and pack your bags cause your comin' to Spark!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

free ticket

Hi ladies! Liz here, reporting to you live from my laptop...

A while ago my sweet friend Stephanie Nielson posted this quote on her blog. It's so powerful and really spoke to me...
There is in every true woman's heart
a spark of heavenly fire,
which lies dormant in the broad daylight of prosperity;
but which kindles up and
beams and blazes
in the dark hour of adversity.
-Washington Irving
Every one of us has a Spark and that's why we're so excited about this event... to be inspired by other creative woman... by you.
Leave a comment with your name to be entered to win a FREE TiCkEt to SPARK!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Oh Sweet Sadie

ETA: Thanks to those of you who are linking from Nie Nie's site. We are so happy to see you here at Spark. Please, Go here for all the fun information... :)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Meet April Meeker!

April is one of our fantastic teachers for Spark! She's teaming up with Margie for the Gather your Spark class! She will also be one of our artists during the Show & Tell we'll be having on Friday. She'll be showing her wares (which will be for sale) as well as telling about her technique she uses in her jewelry making: hand stamping. Part of her process is actually hand carving the art in the stamp and then using it to create her jewelry! She's a very skilled & talented silversmith artisan! Isn't that fab?

I mean...check out this amazing
SPARK stamp she made!

I can't wait to see her
Show & Tell! One really cool thing about the Show & Tell time is: Each artist will not only showing & telling about their process, but they'll be sharing little pieces of their work with us to use in our classes on Saturday! Each Spark girl will have a ticket that they'll get punched as they go to each artists' area so they can gather fabulous things, gather them in a special Spark bag & then create with them in the classes on Saturday!

We are so thrilled to have
April join us for the Spark journey & feel honored to have such an amazingly talented artist & business woman Showing & Telling about her art!

And...locals: We invite you to come and meet us at the Oh Sweet Sadie Art & Gift Show! We'll have a table there with some info about
Thurs. Sept. 17: Invitation Only Pre-Sale
Friday Sept. 18:
Saturday Sept. 19:

SoDa Row in DayBreak

see you there!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Margie's BIG day!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

spark teachers

Announcing the Spark teacher line up! ( You can see the class run down here)

Kelly McCaleb is our girl to Spark it up with the fantastic fabric class: Feel your Spark.
(photo credit: Tara Whitney)

Kelly is
a happy mama, homemaker, and wife who loves to create with and re-purpose vintage goods. When she's not collecting fabric, vintage trims, yarn, buttons, cookware (you get the idea), she is home working on projects and blogging about them at She also sells her goods in her etsy shop,

The creative duo: April Meeker & Margie Romney-Aslett will be teaching a hands-on jewelry class: Gather your
Spark .
(photo credit: Tara Whitney)
April is
the type of girl that likes to get her hands dirty. On any given day, one might find a mixure of paint, dirt, ink, tarnish and tomato sauce smeared on her apron. She has the annoying habit of loosing pens and pencils in her hair.

April lives by the sea with her small brood of two little chicks and one crazy Rooster, all of whom she is madly in love with . She goes by the aliases of Mommy and Secondsister. You can find her blogging away at and peddling her sundries at

(photo credit: Jefra Linn)

Margie is
a hip hop Mom to 4 grown kids!
Wife to Grant Aslett for 23 years and counting!
Friend to everyone she meets
Loves a good laugh
Drinks Diet Dr. Pepper like nobody's business
Makes stuff with paper, fabric, paint, and glue
Glitter is her friend
The color pink is her favorite
Hates goodbyes
Loves to teach all over the world
Busy with a business with her daughters
Has a passion for life and loves to share it
Margie is just a girl loving life...
You can read her blog "just a girl"

The amazingly creative
Jefra Linn will be teaching the photography class: Capture your Spark.

(photo credit: Tara Whitney)

Jefra is
an amazing artist & photographer.
She sees things in a different light.
I have learned so much from her.
I'll wait to tell you more about her, but wanted to introduce her with all
of the teachers.

Jefra Starr Linn was born in Chicago in 1975 and grew up in New Canaan, CT. Her earliest memories of creative passion involved collecting sparkly rocks while walking to the school bus, for which she was often late (sparkly rock collecting is very time-consuming).

She studied art College at BYU-I and UVU – narrowly escaping from the College of Fine Arts with an emphasis in Design.

She studied photography in high school and college, becoming acquainted with darkroom technique, and also served as

a popular photography model .
She has been an award-winning floral designer.
She is an almost avid embroiderer, sculptor, knitter, crotchetier,
She is a maker of mix tapes, an official Master Gardener, a freewheeling sewing fiend, and has been known to weave a mean friendship bracelet.

She does Scrapbooking, although it takes her forever to finish a page.

Jefra self-published a book of her photography- “The Road Less Traveled.”
Her work has been sought out by galleries in Utah and Santa Fe, NM, as well as Getty Images.
She has been involved in nearly every type of photography, except war documentary or crime scene. She even shot a major politician.

Jefra has taught photography workshops around the country.

“I love the instantaneous reward of photography. I love how it reveals a person and a moment. I love how it can tell a

story in one frame. I love how it grabs an instant in time that will never been seen again.”

Jefra is mother to three kids and wife to a pretty amazing guy - David Linn

Elizabeth Kartchner & Rhonna Farrer team up for the mixed media book class: Remember your Spark.
(photo credit: Jefra Linn)

Elizabeth (or Liz) is
Momma to 2 silly sprouts
Wifey to my best friend
Sucker for colorful shoes
Loves to play with paper and glue
Cries easily but laughs even easier
Enjoys monthly column 'Dear Lizzy' in CK
Travels all over the world sharing my passion with others
Deprived of sleep
Ignores the fact that brownies aren't good for you
Seeks to inspire others
Listens to Zee Avi
Adores laughter, a clean home, minimallows & vintage cameras.
Loves to blog:
Elizabeth has been a crafter for many years and has worked for numerous manufacturers (American Crafts, Close To My Heart & Pebbles). In 2007 she was named 'Scrapbooker of the Year' by Creating Keepsakes Magazine. Since then she enjoys her column "Dear Lizzy" that is featured monthly in Creating Keepsakes. In the March issue of Utah Valley Magazine she was named one of the '50 Most Fabulous People.' She also is a frequent guest on Channel 5 morning show "Studio 5." She will be a guest coming up on October 2nd.

(photo credit: Jefra Linn)

Rhonna is
a short, spunky mom to 3 fab kids.
Loves being with her soul mate, Jeff.
Ignores the laundry when there's a creative
Seeks peace & happiness through running, laughing, and sharing her faith.
Captures her
happy art & designs in House of 3
Adores blogging here.
Remembers nothing, & therefore must record.
Gathers those around her that make her happy.

I am 1/3 of House of 3, my business with Heidi Swapp & Janet Hopkins.
**As part of House of 3: I am owner, designer, creator & product developer! We all 3 work together great as a team & we'll be sure to have some of our products at Spark!
I work with Wacom as a Penscrapper.
I work with Shutterfly on their Creative Board Advisors.
I work with Scrapblog & sell Rhonna DESIGNS & House of 3 elements there.
I work with several companies designing greeting cards, gift wrap, gift bags & tags!

2004-2008 I worked with Two Peas in a Bucket as a Garden Girl & Digital Designer Team Director.
2007: I was on Better Homes & Gardens' Scrapbooks, Etc. Magazine team.
2004-2008: Worked with Autumn Leaves where I had my own product line & was involved in several of the Designing With...books/projects.
2004: Won Creating Keepsakes' Hall of Fame & worked with them for a year.
1997-present: Designs for greeting cards, gift wrap, gift bags & other paper products.

We'll have sneak peeks of what we've got in store for you, but trust'll Spark your creativity! We are just so excited to have FUN with you all!

Some of you have asked about a yahoo group or something to get to know each other before the event. Great idea! That's why we have this blog! Go ahead & leave comments here with your info so we can start a running list on our sidebar of WHO is coming & their info! watching for our feature presentation...coming soon!

enjoy the process,

Monday, September 7, 2009

Spark goes to ....Star Mill

Some of these were over on my blog the other day...hope you all don't mind...

margie sb

Fun times by all of us at Star Mill in Lehi this past Friday.


Rhonna, Liz, Margie and I went to Star Mill for a little video making fun and to ride bikes and play around together. We had a blast. After we went to Dear Lizzy in Alpine (where my amazing event planner cousin, Karli is in charge of all events that happen there - and many other places) for lunch with Heidi Swapp. There was much laughter and much fun had there in The Bistro that day.



I about died over this darling "E" they had there and I made E-lizabeth hold it up for me.


It was so cute (I know Rhon, there's that word 'cute') how Rhonna's feet couldn't touch the ground, even in high heeled platforms.







Thanks to Meg, Brooke and Margie for letting us use the bikes!! Hope we didn't beat them up too much in our nuttiness.

ps - i have more pics that i'll put up later...