Mindy Gledhill

Mindy Gledhill is an indie singer/songwriter. She has written and produced several very popular albums in the last few years. Last year, she was the guest of honor at Spark after having just released her latest album "Anchor".

Mindy can be found just about anywhere on the map, gracing audiences with songs of romantic whimsy. When she’s not performing or recording, she can be found perusing thrift stores for vintage dresses or scanning the classifieds for a potential new addition to her instrument collection, of which her favorites are her 1857 pump organ and her 1980s Yamaha keytar.

Mindy lives in Provo with her husband and two and a half kids. Number three will join them in August!

Amy Tan

Born and raised in Chicago, Amy spent much of her childhood plastering her bedroom walls with the pages of fashion magazines, playing office, and doing random crafts with her mother. She learned how to sew her senior year of high school and never looked back. Since then she has become an award-winning designer of the line, Amy Tangerine. With her unbreakable determination, she has been delighting fashionistas and buyers since launching her hand crafted tee shirts in 2002, and her designs have been featured in Bloomingdales, Neiman Marcus and Barneys NY.

After discovering scrapbooking in 2007, Amy has taken a new approach to her line, which only accepts custom orders. Her love for teaching and sharing her clothing & paper crafts has taken over. She's taught in Hawaii and Tennessee, and places in between. She loves her little apartment in Venice Beach that she shares with her boyfriend, JC. Along with riding bikes, she loves spending time with her family, which includes 2 Jack Russell Terriers, Buster and Bamboo.

Over the past couple years she's been working on perfecting the art of truly living, which includes simplifying, working smarter, not harder, globetrotting, achieving balance and creative collaborations.

Donna Downey

Donna Downey is a bestselling author, instructor and all-around creative force in the crafting industry. In 2000, she got into scrapbooking as an extension of her paper product and photography addiction. This was only the beginning. From working as a popular columnist for Simple Scrapbooks magazine, to traveling the world inspiring women to push the boundaries of their own creativity, to developing her first fabric scrapbooking line with Prima, Donna is consistently on the leading edge of all things cool related to memory preservation art.

As a craft-media artist, Donna is a born experimenter, blending and transforming both traditional and unexpected items into meaningful pieces of self expression. A former elementary school teacher, she has synthesized her first love of teaching with her passion for craft and brings this to women via workshops at scrapbook stores and events, writing books, and through her popular blog and website.

Donna lives in North Carolina with her husband, and is a mother of three exceptionally blonde children, and one blonde dog. She also has recently opened Donna Downey Studios located in Charlotte, NC.

Christy Tomlinson

Christy Tomlinson is creator and owner of Scarlet Lime and Scarlet lime BeadArt, two online stores. Scarlet lime is a mixed Media Shop and Scarlet lime BeadArt offers unique jewelry kits and supplies. She is blessed to do both full time with her husband out of their home in small town Shelley, Idaho. 

Christy has been in the art industry for over 10 years: first working for a papercrafting manufacturer, and then for Scrapbooks Etc. Better Homes and Garden Magazine as an editor. She has traveled and taught her art throughout the United States, Canada, Brazil, Australia and even South Africa. Christy is a mixed media artist at heart and enjoys creating canvas, jewelry and fabric art. 

Christy loves reading, snowboarding, camping and spending time with her family. She is married to her best friend, Ben, for almost 17 years and loves that she gets to work with him every day. They have 6 awesome children.. five boys and one girl; ages ranging from 15 to 5. Christy also loves blogging and uses her blog as a way to share her art , offer tutorials and teach online workshops. She feels blessed to be able to create art and support her family at the same time.

Jen Jensen

Jen loves..
Her family
Her hubby Mike
Her three teenagers - Zach, Addi, Parker

She loves...
Finding & collecting treasures
Especially sparkling, shiny, yellowed, & musty stuff

She loves...
To create projects using those treasures
Slighty dull rhinestone buttons,somewhat unraveled velvet ribbon, bits & pieces of yellowed lace, and never to be found again pieces of someone's history.

She loves Spark
And being inspired by wonderful women
And working with amazing artisans in this amazing industry

She also loves...
Coke & cupcakes (with buttercream frosting)

Because she loves coke & cupcakes
And it's cheap therapy

Jen Jensen loves life!

Emily Falconbridge

Emily Falconbridge loves to make stuff. Peek into her studio and you will find piles of randomness waiting to be turned into something magical! Paint, paper, wool, fabric, silk, beads, canvas, wood. Repurposing old into new is her passion, along with working with any natural, textural item. 

Emily is a native Australian living in New England with her three little beansprouts and absent minded but adorable husband.

April Meeker

April Meeker lives by the ocean. But she hasn't been to the beach in over a year because she has two little one-year-old babies (Irish twins) that crawl into the water and find old cigarette butts in the sand to chew on. She also has a seven-year-old son who tends to wander off on grand boyhood adventures with other strange children. She gets help wrangling this motley crew from a tall guy named Benjamin, who also happens to be the love of her life.

April is the owner/designer behind Secondsister Designs. She has been making jewelry for sixteen years and illustrating for the last couple of years. She has hoped these ventures would make her rich and famous but instead they have made her happy.

Cathe Holden
After successful careers as an agency art director, design firm owner, graphic artist & illustrator, Cathe gravitated toward creative blogging and all sorts of crafting with an emphasis on repurposing and a passion for vintage style. Inspiring others through her blog, JustSomethingIMade.com, she has had projects featured in and is a regular collaborator with Country Living magazine. Her blog was recognized as Flea Market Style magazine’s Best Vintage Artist’s blog to follow. She is a weekly creative blogger for SC Johnson’s Family Economics since 2008. She lives in beautiful Petaluma, California among the dairies and vineyards with her husband, Jeff, and three teenage children.