Saturday, September 4, 2010

6 days & counting...MORE Spark news...

Each day, as the week goes on & we get closer to Spark, we'll be sharing last minute reminders, info, etc. 

First up: Check out this private party Dear Lizzie Boutique & Bistro is putting on at their store! It's planned for right after our closing rooftop Soiree at the venue...but for those that still have Spark Energy...10pm-1:00am.
As noted, you'll need to provide your own transportation.

and....secondly, since breakfast is kind of an 'iffy' thing for some....there will be Grab & Go Breakfast Special for $5 at the front doors each morning...brought to you by Dear Lizzie Boutique & Bistro....You can snag some eats for $5...bagel with cream cheese & fresh juice! mmm!