Saturday, October 24, 2009

spotlight artist: Maren Ogden Ingles

Amazing photographer, graphic designer, stationer, (and you should have seen her wedding!) Maren Ogden Ingles has a way with paper. She's owner and operator of Elizabeth & Homer, a beautiful little letterpress stationary company in Lehi, her work can be found in fine stationers all over the country and internationally. And now she can be found on etsy too!

Here's what she says about herself...

(picture here by the amazing fabulous Utah photographer, Rebekah Westover. oh man, don't even go there....i love her stuff so much)

My great-grandmother, Elizabeth Smith, had an adage for everything. Long before Forrest Gump, she would always say, "Pretty is as pretty does." Along with her beloved husband, Homer, my great-grandparents were as "pretty" as they get. Throughout their lives and work, they embodied integrity, commitment, service, and enduring love. I was privileged to know them well and to learn from their example, which is the inspiration behind Elizabeth and Homer. The company was officially launched on October 8, 2004—what would have been Elizabeth and Homer Smith's 91st wedding anniversary. Elizabeth and Homer is also the fruition of a dream that began when I was about 7 years old. Somewhere amid my entrepreneurial endeavors (which began with decorating classroom doors at my elementary school for "a dollar a door") and countless art and craft projects, I found that creating beautiful things is what I was always meant to do. Aftermore than a decade working in the publishing, paper crafting, and wedding industries, I now devote my full attention to creating unique products that are as special as your life's most treasured moments.

(the real elizabeth and homer - Maren, you look lots like her!)

You can read even more about her at her interview over on Lucky Guppy's blog. just a little tasty tidbit, Maren was married this past summer and our artist Melissa Blackburn made her phenomenal dress