Monday, August 30, 2010

Celebrate you

hello sparkies!
It's Elizabeth, Liz, Lizzy... whatever you wanna call me. Expect Lizardbreath, which is what Jason Snelson called me in 2nd grade & I'm still recovering. ;)
I wanted to share a sneak peek of my mini class for SPARK! It is a mini album using fun paper from Sassafras and my Dear Lizzy line of products with American Crafts including my dear lizzy fabric paper, where we'll make some fabric flowers.
I love the celebrate banner on the cover from House of 3.
We will be doing some creative play using Shimmerz Vibez spray ink to brighten up plain white cardstock and some simple stamping with Close To My Heart acrylic stamps on tags.

We'll be creating an album Celebrating you. Celebrating who you are. Celebrating your uniqueness.

Supplies needed for class:

  • Crop-A-Dile (or a really good hole punch)
  • Scissors
(Also, if you have pinking shears bring those--which are scissors that make a zig zag patten.)
  • 1" foam brush
  • 2 1/2" circle scallop punch
  • Bring five 4x6 horizontal photos. Or this album will look great with photos from Spark you can add when you get home.
  • Adhesive (tape runner, glue dots)
  • Needle and Thread

Check out the Supplies List page to make sure you're all set for Spark!

Also, be sure to email us a photo of you for a neat activity, we'll be using them through out the event and we need your cute mug shot! email it to

We'll be in touch. xoxo

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Full Circle...

Hey Sparks!
It's me Margie...
I am in HOT & sunny Arizona getting ready to teach at the Creative Escape and up at the crack of dawn...
I woke up thinking about so many different things, but mainly Spark...
We are getting so close to the event! So many exciting things coming together the last few weeks before Spark...As I laid in bed rolling around trying to get back to sleep I couldn't help but feel energized and excited about all the last minute details we are putting into Spark...I loved Rhonna's post about our decorations and all the fabulous ideas we have tried to put into the "look & feel" for Spark this year...I get giddy when I see the photos...I also was thinking about the classes this year and the group of teachers we have to share with you and their diverse types of creativity..
I wanted to get to know some of our teachers better so I was checking in on their blogs. Em is back in Australia and am amazed by the way she lives her life. So different from mine yet so a like in the fact that we both live a life creative...That is what I love about this event...The celebration is in creativity, all types...Em and I couldn't be more different yet our friendship started out of a common love for "making stuff." I was looking at some of Em's work and grabbed a few of my favorite things...
I love this canvas...LOVE...Love it's message, 
it's earthy-ness...
LOVE the way she shot it...So Em...
You are going to LOVE her...
Then I went over to Janet's blog...
She is amazing...Really...
I have to say her work inspires me as a scrapbooker...Again, reading her blog, getting to know her better has me excited to create, make stuff...She has such a beautiful way of putting it all together...

There are so many things i LOVE about this layout...Ok there is NOTHING i don't LOVE about it...Janet's class will surely be great...
Wendy is one of our teachers who I don't know, know, but I do know her work...She is so talented, so creative and so excited to be teaching at Spark...When I called her on the phone to ask her if she would be interested in Spark she was so gracious and the feelings I got from her just felt "right" she was a fit...This is a shot of her adorable family...She teaches all over the world and I feel so lucky to know she is going to be with us at Spark!
This is a photo Wendy shot of Mindy...I mean how random is that...I met Mindy sorta Via April and come to find out Wendy shot the photos for Mindy's new CD...
Again...Creativity is like a circle when it's shared...It all comes and goes and ebbs and flows and as it does we are all connected...Margie, Rhonna, Liz, Emily, Janet, Wendy, April, Mindy and all of YOU...
I love love love spark...
I love that YOU will all come and be part of a creative circle...Sharing ideas and passions...
Learning new ways to live a life creative...
Only 2 weeks away...We are busy getting every detail ready...
No wonder I couldn't sleep...
Kiss kiss

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I'm so excited to meet all you Spark ladies and teach the Enlighten photography class. I've put a lot of thought into the class structure and what we should talk/learn about- hopefully I've got something for everyone.

To make the most of your "enlightenment" :), here are some things you will want to bring to the class. We will be very hands on, and we'll have stations outside where we can practice different things relating to photography.
You should bring:
Your camera
Your manual if you have questions
something beloved to you, smallish, that we can photograph (a favorite piece of jewelry, an heirloom, just something pretty and or meaningful)
Bring a pen and paper for notes, too.

My goal is for all of you to be enlightened on how to reach your photography goals, and first and foremost know the tools and methods of getting the exact pictures your artistic mind envisions.
Can't wait to meet you all on Sept 10-11th!


Saturday, August 21, 2010

Spark decor

 (photo credit: the amazing Wynona)
One of the most inspiring things about Spark is the décor. We put  a lot of thought, time & heart in creating ambiance. A feeling of inspiration; juxtaposition of color, texture, sight & feel, that will inspire you to get your spark on.

Last year, at Spark No.1, that was one of my favorite parts of the whole event....the *sight* & *feel* that our heartfelt decorations created for everyone. The feedback we got was amazing...everyone loved it!

So, of course, for Spark No 2. we have put a lot thought, time & heart in it again.  But, the challenge is to step it up; create something different than last year, but at the same time; just as inspiring!

I'm not going to lie: our homes are  Spark creative factories right now. We've got our families & friends involved to bring YOU a one of a kind event....& it starts with the décor.  We had a Spark Craft day at my house the other day...want to see some peeks into my house?

um...yea. When you walk into my house...first see this:

And a little of this:

But don't get me wrong...we love it! It's one of the things that makes Spark so unforgettable!
And we are pretty sure it will kindle your Spark. It has kindled ours!  

Prepare for a time to focus on your own creative process..whether it's a professional level or a hobby....Spark will certainly kindle. ignite. fire up your creative spark!
We can't wait...3 weeks & counting! holla!

** a few notes:
1. If you haven't received the exclusive FREE Spark digital kit I created for my mini class, please email Megan:

2. Be sure to check the 'What to bring' page so you know what to you'll need. It changes everyday, as we are planning & things come up....we are just trying to make this the best possible experience for keep checking back. *wink*

3. We need you to send us a .jpg photo of yourself. Again, send on over to

Sunday, August 15, 2010

a time to...

hi sparky people!
this is emily...blogging from chilly western australia! i can't wait to be with you in just a few weeks - nurturing our creative selves as we plunge our hands into warm soapy water, work with lovely colorful wool, share, laugh, connect as we make gypsy-dreamy beautifully-boho scarves to adorn and nurture our necks...mmm!

all you need to bring to class is a bowl for holding your water (plastic container is fine!), a towel and 2 rolls of bubble wrap. **We'll have class supplies there, but if you want to bring your own supplies, feel free!

{{If you want to bring your own, you can find cheap bubble wrap at the dollar store or the post office, each piece needs to be 3 yards long and at least 12 inches wide. if you have random bits of bubble wrap at home you can tape them together to make up the lengths if you like!

i look forward to meeting you soon, and seeing what magical creation you come up with! wet felting is SO much fun, and such a yummy, relaxing, nurturing artform...i know you will love it as much as i do :)

emily xo

Friday, August 13, 2010

Mini Class with Rhonna: EXPLORE

Join me as we *explore* different ways to create & get your spark on!  
I've designed & created an exclusive Spark kit that can be used digitally or print out & use in hyrbid crafting!  I'll share what sparks me when I explore new ways to create! and..I'll be sharing some design secrets, how to use the digital brushes & lots of other fab ways to really spark your creativity!

The great thing about our venue, Noah's, is that we have wifi access & it's a totally hi-tech place! So, in order to join in at Spark, you'll need a few things:

1. Bring your laptops (with Photoshop or Photoshop Elements installed) to play right along with me. This is optional. You don't have to & if you don't have a laptop, don't worry. Just take good notes & go home to explore new *sparky* techniques & skillz! (And, if you don't have PS or PSE, you can always download a 30 day FREE trial to play along!)

2. Note the class supply list here. Be watching your email for the special code from House of 3 that will allow you FREE access to this exclusive Spark kit.  If you haven't received it, please let us know at:

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Spark share...Uplift...

Hey spark sisters! I just wanted to share some ideas for the class I will be teaching at Spark No.2 
Supply list first of all...
wet glue
small hole punch
8-10 Wallet size photos 
Small lamp shade
That's it! Spark will provide the rest!

So first of all let's talk the lampshade...It will be the base of your project...
think UPLIFT...
The lampshade in the photo is as big as you will want to have to carry if you are on a plane, train or walking...teehee
If you are a "local spark" the sky's the limit...Also, keep in mind where you will want to "HANG" your inspiration size is up to you...
I used a side table lamp shade. I got it at my local thrift store and it was $4.00. You can get them at walmart, target any home decor store. They are cheap! We are going to strip the fabric off of it and just use it's bones so color won't matter...
But BONES will...
You want a lampshade with Bones!
See all the bones in this one? LOVE...
If you have ANY questions about your lamp shade feel free to e-mail me!
Second let's talk wet adhesive...
You DON'T need all of these adhesives...I just wanted to show you a sample of wet adhesives that work...I personally use Glossy Accents and LOVE it...
For Photos...
I am asking you to bring 8-10 WALLET Sized photos...These photos should inspire you, be about you...What do you LOVE? Who do you LOVE? What are your favorite things, people, color, place...All about YOU...
Hole punch...
A traditional hole punch is going to be too big...So look for a smaller one. 
The rest is just easy! 
This is going to be a really unique class to YOU...I am so excited! We are less than a month away...
Sparks are flying...Product is arriving, the food is going to be amazing, classes are getting kitted, your swag bag is getting full and we are spending hours planning and creating handmade decorations to inspire! 
Like I said...Can you feel it?
Sparks are flying...
So excited....
Kiss kiss

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Heart Strings

Spark is so close...I can not believe how the time has just flown by and now it is almost time to fly to Utah and teach this class....heart strings. It's a little bit vintage, a little bit sparkly and a lot of techniques packed into one two hour class! We will be stamping and misting and distressing....and well you get the picture. We will be creating a one of a kind masterpiece for you to take home with you.
It is all about what you want to hold close to your heart...what do you cherish? Are you ready to spark it up with me and the other girls.....CAN NOT WAIT!


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

37 days....& counting!

Yup! We'll be *sparking* it up in just 37 short days!
We are so excited! Everything is coming together so well & so many little surprises up our sleeves!
We just posted the Schedule. Go check it out so you can see what we'll be doing. & WHO you will be sharing your Spark with....
Like we explained in that schedule, there will be 4 Core classes that will be 2 hours long.
4 Mini Classes that will be 1 hour long. And 8 mini-mini classes that will be rotating every 15 minutes. As we found out at Spark No. 1, we had some people that got *Sparked* by one project more than another person & so they stayed at that *station* longer.  
We get that. 
We know that each of us is *Sparked* by different things & our creativity thrives on things we know & love. But...we also challenge you to spread your brave & try new things

Also, check out our Spark Plugs...our Sponsors! and we are adding new ones everyday!  We couldn't do it without them! Send them a THANK YOU & if you are a company or artist who is still interested in sponsoring Spark, please let us know: Megan Aslett

Be sure to spread the word! We have a few spots left & would LOVE to share our Spark with even *more* Spark sisters
xoxo, Margie, Rhonna & Liz