Monday, October 19, 2009

spotlight artist: melissa blackburn

I'm so excited for all of our artists and I'm going highlight each one here before our event begins.

You guys know April already.

Let me introduce Melissa Blackburn.

Melissa is a phenominal seamstress and designer. Her creations have blown me away for at least 7 years, which is as long as I've known her. She will be teaching a demo for you all at our Show and Tell on Friday.

Here are some photos of her beautiful dresses --

these first two were taken by Kate Benson -

and this one's taken by Lindsey at Green Apple Photography

This dress below is made entirely out of PAPER!! Sorry to yell, I just had to show how cool I think that is. These were for a booth at a Bridal fair in Provo.

Thanks Melissa - Can't wait to see your talents at work.