Friday, August 26, 2011

happy birthday j.mills

I call him J.Mills.

Megan calls him Babe.

And Margie calls him..... Babe. Because she is funny.

Jeremy Miller is Megan's boyfriend and the mastermind behind all of the Spark films.

Here's why we love Babe:

 This is what he does in his real life.

Pretty manly huh?

This is what he did for us.

Babe gets the Spark vision.

Even if there aren't motor cross bikes involved.

We love Babe.

Happy Birthday to the greatest cinematographer around.

Love, April & Margie

why handmade?

Oh girls Spark is getting ever so close!

We are keeping very busy these days, getting ready for the big event.  

As you know, everything at Spark is handmade. And why is that? Well, let me tell ya.

Creativity is like a muscle. When you use it a lot, it gets bigger and stronger and you find that other parts of your life get better as well. Your balance gets better. You seem to have more energy and enthusiam.

Putting Spark together is a huge workout for our creativity muscles. When the event finally rolls around we are all pumped up and super ready to share our spark.

And when something is handmade, you know that a little love has gone into it.  It's like the difference between getting an email and getting a letter in your mailbox.  We are truly grateful for each person that comes to share their inspriation at Spark. We want you to know that each person makes the event different and special every year.

And that is why we are working away in our studios and planning and scheming. 

And we can't wait to share it all with you.

If you have questions, regarding the event or otherwise, please feel free to contact us.  We will do our best to respond quickly.