Friday, April 8, 2011

Meet Nancy!

Hello Spark Sisters! Nancy here, your official Spark cruise director, um I mean online social director.  OK, that isn't an official title but it sounds good ;) so I'm going to run with it, ha!

For those of you who don't know me, I am a fellow Spark gal who lives just outside of Houston , Texas and attended Spark No. 2 for the first time.  If you attended last year you might remember me; I was the crazy girl running around photographing cute shoes, and “yes” while they were still on fellow Spark sister’s feet, ha!

So, I'm sure you are asking “why are you here on the Spark blog?” Well, I will be hosting the ‘Spark the Event’ Yahoo and Facebook group pages.

What is a yahoo group? It's a place of our very own where we can post messages, questions and even photos to share with each other.
This space will allow us to get to know each other before we get to Spark, which will make it an even more amazing experience!

Are you still on the fence about coming to Spark because you are traveling alone? No worries, you will not be alone at Spark, believe me!
Many awesome friendships have been formed thanks to ‘Spark the Event’ because these are some of the kindest women you will ever meet!
So join the group and you might just find a roomie to share hotel costs with!

Last year a few of us connected via Facebook and some of the Spark Gals blogs and it made it even more exciting knowing we were going to soon be together.  So a few of us gathered for dinner the night before Spark and it was so much fun, we even made a Target run afterwards.
This Yahoo group will be a great tool in setting up a pre-Spark meeting and sharing all the details so that anyone who wants to can join in the fun. 

I am so excited about returning for Spark No. 3 and I hope you will join me because I love meeting new friends and Spark friends are like none other!

Follow the link below to join the official ‘Spark the Event’ Yahoo group and upon receiving your request I will activate your membership.  Having a private group will help insure that our information isn't abused. 

You can also visit the Spark the Event Facebook Group page at

Hugs from Texas !