Friday, September 2, 2011


Devoted is the word of the day. Maybe you didn't know that. It is.

You may be asking why devoted is the word. 

As Spark gets closer Margie and I talk on the phone almost everyday. We go over details. We talk logistics. And we mess around and laugh a lot. We think we are pretty funny. We crack ourselves up.

Today when I hung up the phone after talking to Margie I thought about what it is we are doing.  Putting on an event like Spark, where everything is handmade and attention is paid to every single detail, is no small feat. 

And yet we love every single minute. We are totally 110% devoted to the reason we do Spark in the first place. That reason is to inspire women to use their creativity to better their life. Every single person involved in this event shares our same philosophy. We are all working for the same purpose.

It is simply amazing to see what can be accomplished when a group of devoted people pull together to create something. The result is astounding.

Happy Labor Day Weekend! We hope you do something creative.

Elements used to embellish the above graphics are made my our very own Rhonna Farrer who just had the grand opening of her new online store. Click on over and check it out!