Wednesday, October 12, 2011

sooooo close!

Dearest Sparksters-

We are getting so very very close! Now is the time to get your supplies and start to think about what you need to pack. The weather in Utah has been chilly! We will post a forecast next week so you know exactly what it will be like.

If you have any last minute concerns, please jump over to the Spark Facebook page. There are many conversations going on and your questions will most likely be answered.

It's not too late to submit your questions for the blog panel! Please send your questions to me (April at


Don't forget to bring your own business cards if you have some! This makes it easy to stay in touch with other girls after the event.


Debbie said...

How canny...I started going thru my supply list this morning before work...checking it twice :) CANNOT wait! It IS getting close!

paperbird said...

i feel like a dodo bird but where can i find a supply list?

Mrs. Morty said...

Do we need to bring a laptop?

Nancy W said...

Mrs. Morty- Only if you want to but there won't be any classes that use the laptop this year.