Saturday, August 21, 2010

Spark decor

 (photo credit: the amazing Wynona)
One of the most inspiring things about Spark is the décor. We put  a lot of thought, time & heart in creating ambiance. A feeling of inspiration; juxtaposition of color, texture, sight & feel, that will inspire you to get your spark on.

Last year, at Spark No.1, that was one of my favorite parts of the whole event....the *sight* & *feel* that our heartfelt decorations created for everyone. The feedback we got was amazing...everyone loved it!

So, of course, for Spark No 2. we have put a lot thought, time & heart in it again.  But, the challenge is to step it up; create something different than last year, but at the same time; just as inspiring!

I'm not going to lie: our homes are  Spark creative factories right now. We've got our families & friends involved to bring YOU a one of a kind event....& it starts with the décor.  We had a Spark Craft day at my house the other day...want to see some peeks into my house?

um...yea. When you walk into my house...first see this:

And a little of this:

But don't get me wrong...we love it! It's one of the things that makes Spark so unforgettable!
And we are pretty sure it will kindle your Spark. It has kindled ours!  

Prepare for a time to focus on your own creative process..whether it's a professional level or a hobby....Spark will certainly kindle. ignite. fire up your creative spark!
We can't wait...3 weeks & counting! holla!

** a few notes:
1. If you haven't received the exclusive FREE Spark digital kit I created for my mini class, please email Megan:

2. Be sure to check the 'What to bring' page so you know what to you'll need. It changes everyday, as we are planning & things come up....we are just trying to make this the best possible experience for keep checking back. *wink*

3. We need you to send us a .jpg photo of yourself. Again, send on over to