Monday, July 11, 2011

annnnnd we're back

The fourth of July brought about an impromptu blogging break.  Summer is so busy. The days are long and seem lazy, but there is so much to do with family and friends.  There is just too much fun to to be had. The beach needs going to. Snowcones need eating. Roadtrips beckon.

And then there are crafts to be made. With children. Without.

Margie sent me her new line of papers. Have you seen them? She is designing for a new company called Authentique. They haven't launched the website just yet, but you can get first glances on their Facebook page.

I used some of the die cuts to make soldered charms. And I made a little gift box to go along with it.

Everytime Margie releases a new line of products I think she has outdone herself again. She is ever evolving. She is full of Spark.

Sometimes when we are together I literally feel like I'm sitting next to a sparkler. Her creative spirit rains down on you like little twinkles.

Now, enough mush mush. Time for a bit of business.

Our Handmade Market is full! 

Overflowing really.  We are busting at the seams with amazing artisans. So, if you didn't get a chance to apply in time, try again next year. We will be showcasing all our vendors prior to the event so you know just how great it is going to be and you can start stashing away spending money.  This year the market will be open to the public on Saturday Oct. 22nd from 11-5 pm.

Happy Monday!