Monday, September 19, 2011

one more thing...

Well girls, September is more than half over. Is it just me? Where is the time going?

I always love September. I love the back to business feeling. I love buying school supplies. I love apple season and crisper weather. And I love getting back on a solid schedule.

Speaking of schedules- we should have the Spark schedule ready to post this week!

We hope you are starting to gather up the supplies you will need to bring. Please don't stress over any one item! If you can't fit it in your suitcase, there will be someone willing to share. That's how we roll at Spark! 

One more thing we will need you to bring: an open mind and heart.

Please start to prepare yourself to push past your insecurities and embrace the projects and other students without judgement.

My mother-in-law gave me some awesome advice a few years back. She is a seasoned artist and she has taken many classes over the years. I had taken a class and I wasn't happy with how my project turned out. She chuckled and said that the class wasn't about creating a masterpiece. It was about learning new techniques, gaining inspiration, and enjoying the process.

You may find a new passion at Spark. Or you may find a new friend. 

Whatever your experience, we promise to send you home with a new treasure.


Chelsea said...

I'll have to keep this in mind! I'm definitely not a huge fan of collages. Nothing against them, it's just not my style. So I'm really kind of stressing over the class and whether or not I'll learn anything in it! Sorry for being blunt, but it's totally how I'm feeling. I'll make sure I keep remembering to keep an open mind and heart and that I'll be learning something new, but better yet, meeting other fun and creative women!

Schnauzer Mom said...

We all create differently in our "own private space" then we do in a "classroom" atmosphere. Understanding the process is the main thing ... not necessarily creating our "masterpiece" in an alotted amount of minutes. We are going to learn, have fun and meet new creative ladies.

Nancy W said...

Chelsea, Last year when I attended the Felting class I was totally not into it when I walked in. Then I was stressing as I saw others creating. Then I realized that I was among new friends and as we sat and chatted and created it fell into place! I ended up creating something different than most of the class and I loved it after all! I love that the classes are so laid back, there are no rules. Looking forward to meeting you!! Hugs from Conroe, TX!

Lindzie said...

Nancy - I remember feeling the same about the felting, but I think it was awesome to try something I otherwise wouldn't have :) So excited to come and enjoy creative time!

Chelsea said...

Perfect, girls! You've reassured me and I'm totally still excited to come! I was just commenting on how today's post totally struck a chord with what I've been thinking lately! PERFECT timing.