Sunday, August 15, 2010

a time to...

hi sparky people!
this is emily...blogging from chilly western australia! i can't wait to be with you in just a few weeks - nurturing our creative selves as we plunge our hands into warm soapy water, work with lovely colorful wool, share, laugh, connect as we make gypsy-dreamy beautifully-boho scarves to adorn and nurture our necks...mmm!

all you need to bring to class is a bowl for holding your water (plastic container is fine!), a towel and 2 rolls of bubble wrap. **We'll have class supplies there, but if you want to bring your own supplies, feel free!

{{If you want to bring your own, you can find cheap bubble wrap at the dollar store or the post office, each piece needs to be 3 yards long and at least 12 inches wide. if you have random bits of bubble wrap at home you can tape them together to make up the lengths if you like!

i look forward to meeting you soon, and seeing what magical creation you come up with! wet felting is SO much fun, and such a yummy, relaxing, nurturing artform...i know you will love it as much as i do :)

emily xo


Giny Cort├ęs said...

Emily- Looking forward to nurturing my creative self with you and other SPARK sisters! Can not wait to meet you! g

Anonymous said...

I wish I was closer.. Being in canada really sucks sometimes... I need to move to Utah.. the most creative state EVAH!

PS Love Love LoVe Emily...

Nancy W said...

How fun!! This will be a first for me so looking forward to learning something new! Hugs from Texas!