Tuesday, October 18, 2011

dear lizzie

Dear Lizzie has been an integral part of Spark since the beginning.  The concept of Spark was born in the Dear Lizzie Bistro.  Each year Dear Lizzie has catered a fun box lunch and had items for sale in the market.

This year will be no different. Laura will be at Spark with all her girls. There will be a special Dear Lizzie shop in Noah's with all the goodness of the store in Highland.

After Spark comes to an end on Saturday night, the party will continue at the Dear Lizzie store in Highland.  There will be door prizes and snacks and lots of fun to be had. Laura will be keeping the store open until midnight just for Spark girls.


Weather! It's going to be gorgeous. You will need to bring a jacket for the evenings and maybe a light sweater or two, but the days are going to be sunny and clear.

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