Monday, June 6, 2011

Class preview: reverse appliqué

This year at Spark, Amy Tan will be teaching how to do reverse appliqué.  Amy has built a large business on her t-shirt designs. They are quirky and fun and celebrities love them. Amy's designs reflect her cheerful personality.

Here's a few fun facts Amy shared with us about herself:

"As an only child growing up, I found myself bored a lot. I am no longer ever bored.
When we were shipping out thousands of shirts to boutiques and department stores years ago, I had 10 hand sewers based out of Los Angeles and 2 out of Georgia to help with the orders.
I don't often get star struck, but love meeting kind celebrities.
Cindy Crawford was one of the first celebrities to wear an amy tangerine piece. She was photographed wearing one in Glamour magazine and that's when I decided to get serious about starting a tee shirt line.
I am addicted to buying and using washi tape.
One of my favorite things is meeting other inspiring and creative people. So looking forward to that at Spark!"

We are so excited to have Amy at Spark this year.  Not only does Amy work with fabrics, but she is also an amazing scrap booker.  She is truly inspiring.

You can get to know Amy a little more on her blog.

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Nancy W said...

How fun is this!! Can't wait!!