Monday, June 20, 2011

class preview: Felting

Good Monday Sparkers!  Do you know Emily Falconbridge? You should.

Everyone should know someone like Emily. Margie and I consider her our own personal "Earth Maiden". She is so easy going and the creativity just oozes out of her.

Em will be teaching a super fun class using felt.  Here's what she has to tell you about her class:

Wet-felting is an artform that can be enjoyed by all ages and is my newest crafty-love! You can take natural wool roving, agitate it with water and soap and you can create on so many levels - check out this felt dress!

Sadly, we won't be making that at spark this year, but you will still enjoy dipping your hands into bowls of warm soapy water and felting a simpler project - felt soaps! They make gorgeous gifts and are much more fun to wash yourself with than with a boring old bar! 

There were some amazing felted scarves and beads made at spark last year and i can't wait to see the wooly creations this year!

Yep, we promise a party for all your senses in this workshop = see the beautiful colored wool, smell the yummy handmade soap, hear em's delightful aussie accent, feel the texture of the wool felting between your hands, taste the sweet success of your finished creation!

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