Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Spark 2011 Blogging Panel

C. Jane Kendrick writes, blogs and vlogs at cjanerun.com since 2005. Currently she is a weekly columnist for the Deseret News, co-producer of Provo's Downtown Rooftop Concert Series and spokesperson for several projects, including Basa Body--a company helping women in Kenya. Most of her time is spent with her two children (soon to be three) and actor/producer husband Christopher E. Kendrick. She likes coming up with nicknames for people she likes, dancing in public and staying spontaneous against the tide of scheduling. She's either free-spirited or has no idea what she's doing. Or both. Probably both.

Hi! I'm April Atwater. I'm a mother, photographer, recycler and yummy treat maker. I love classic jazz. I love to create, everything from sewing a denim picnic quilt to photography, creativity is in my blood. I grew up all over the U.S. It gave me the love of travel and exploring. I love fine chocolate. Have you tried Amano's Chuao? It's divine. Good food is a must! Alice Waters and Julia Child are my demigods in the world of food. They both have passion for life, food and the art of living. Motherhood is the greatest thing in life. It is a honor. It is joy. I would have life no other way.

I stumbled upon social media and have become pretty good at it. I teach social media, speak at blogging and social media conferences, co-founded the Social Media Club of Utah Valley and the Utah Bloggers Meetup. In 2010 I started my own magazine, Simply the Sweet Life-simple little things to make life sweet! . You can read it at SimplytheSweetlife.com We are the first home & garden magazine on the Kindle & Kindle app. I'm in the processes of creating my first cookbook with two very talented women for Simply the Sweet Life. I've blogged at SweetLifeinTheValley.blogspot.com since 2007.

I'm social here:
on  twitter @sweetlifeinthe  
on Facebook SimplytheSweetLife 
on Youtube SImplytheSweetLife

Hi.  I’m Allison Czarnecki the founder and editor of Petit Elefant which has been around since 2007.  I live in Utah with my amazing husband and two kids, a daughter age 10 and a son age 5.  They’re adorable and always messy, which is why I’ve posted their photos, so I have photographic evidence of them sans mud.  My Polish {totally relevant to the story} husband and I met in college and have been married for 12 years.  We love to travel, camp, swim in the ocean, and eat at great restaurants when we’re not slinging a sledgehammer in one home improvement project or another.

As a young child I always loved throwing little parties for my friends and dolls. My favorites were always the tea parties--with sugar loaded herbal tea, mini sandwiches and cookies. My mom was a great example, she was always hosting awesome parties at our house. I would sneak down at the end of each party and bask in the glow that lingered. When I got older my mother started a small catering business. Because of her company I had many opportunities to help at big events and see behind the scenes. When I became a mother I continued the tradition of party planning and found great joy in planning fun parties for my husband and four children. 

About 3 years ago I started a local party planning business in Utah and began blogging in a small way. But I really got into blogging when I started my website called One Charming Party. As I focused my blogging on one subject, children's events, I started to connect with others who were also interested in this topic. After a few years I shifted my party planning business to online sales and took on a business partner (Sara Westbrook, who's amazing ideas have since charmed our readers almost daily). Our business continues to grow, thanks to blogging. 


And then there's little ol' me. April of Secondsister Suaviloquy.  I'll be the moderator, a job I've always wanted for the power it wields.  I am currently working on my Larry King voice and curt question asking skills.

As you can see, we have a major power panel. These women have so much combined blogging expertise I think they could take over the blogging world tomorrow. Okay well maybe not take over, but at least beautify it.  Each panelist specializes in something a little different from the rest. I am confident we will be able to answer all of your blogging questions

Please don't be shy. Email me with your questions.  Oh and make sure you link up on last Monday's blog post!

Email questions to: secondsisterjewelry@yahoo.com

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