Wednesday, April 27, 2011

paper coterie

Hi Sparksters! April here.

I want to tell you about a new little venture in my life.

So here it is.  I got a job.

Ha! Are you dying? Like I have time! Like I have any business having a job! I'm already working on Spark and then there are the babies and the house and the Everest of laundry and church... and well, what's one more thing?

I know. I know. 

But I'm already doing what I'm going to now get paid to do.  Blog.

I was approached by a new company to be their offical blogger.  Not just any new company.  Like a really, really cool company.

I peed in my pants just a wee bit.

So this company can be described as "memory catchers".  Their main company value is living authentically.  You know that soooo speaks to me and it's why they chose me.  I have a tendancy to let it all hang out.  I like keeping it real.

So you will find my ramblings on the Paper Coterie blog starting next week.  Just what you needed right? More of me. Ha!

AND- they are also now our newest sponsors for Spark so you will be seeing more from them in the future.


The launch party is next week. 

Why am I telling you all this other than to toot my own very happy horn?

Because there is something in it for you.

When you join the party on May 4th, during the Open House Event, all Sparksters will get:

1.     $40 credit to spend that day (you only pay for shipping)
2.     An inspire-y message from Dr. Brene Brown (my newest hero) that most of us can use
3.     All new content and inspiring ideas

You can start working on your projects so you don't have to do it all on May 4th...but, don't check out,  finish it up that day and enter OPENHOUSE to use your $40 credit!!!!

Go go go. Go capture some of your family memories.  


Nancy W said...

This will be great to make a photo book of photos I take with my cell phone or of last years Spark photos!!!! Thanks!!

ahollandetc said...

So excited...I really can't get enough of your bloggings!!! Congrats! xoxox

Robyn W said...

congrats on your new job Rhonna

Rachel Carlson said...

cheers to you rhonna. so very proud of you sweet girl. xoxo.