Friday, April 15, 2011

Calling all artisans!!!

Throughout the Summer we will be putting together our artisan market.  We are on the hunt for high quality, original handiwork.

If you think you would like to be a vendor at our Handmade Market, please fill out the questionnaire in the sidebar.

We will go over all inquires and try to accommodate everyone.  Keep in mind that we will only be accepting a few artist in each category so that we have a diverse market.

We will be accepting vendor applications up until August 15, 2011.


Kristin said...

hey girls~
CANNOT wait to join you all for spark!! eee!! i just wanted to check about your artisans you allow any vintage/antique goods?
i will be showing at barnhouse this summer and a couple other vintage shows and would *love* to join your market...
talk with you soon...

prairie XO

faded prairie

Anonymous said...

i think this site is absolutely refreshing. i cant stop thinking about it, all the adorable little trinkets with each inch scrolldown.

just wanted to shoot you ladies a quick admirational comment bc this inspires my creativeness i hardly ever get the time to use. i was born and raised in south nj, by the beach, (please dont confuse with the atrocity of the show jersey shore lol) but i just moved to sc for the winter and im broke but im honestly considering flying out to utah for this spark show. thats how bad i want to meet and learn from you ladies! maybe ill make a ladies vacation out of it since my birthday is oct 17th??? hows the weather round then?? =]