Wednesday, March 30, 2011

In case you are wondering...

...What Is Spark?
Spark No. 2 photo by Jefra Starr Linn

For those of you who have yet to experience Spark we want to tell you a little about what it is and why it takes place.

Spark the Event is held annually in Utah in the Fall.  It is a two day event where women gather to be creative and gain inspiration from each other.

Classes are taught on everything from felting to jewelry making to digital scrap booking.  Every year the classes and teachers vary.  

Spark No. 1 photo by Wynona Robinson

The Spark partners try to make every part of the event inspiring. This includes the decor and food.  Everything, down to the last detail, is hand picked to create a look and feel that will spark the imagination.

Spark was the brain child of partners Margie Romney-Aslett, Rhonna Farrer and Liz Kartchner.  The original concept behind the event was to create a space where women could gather together and set their insecurities aside.  A place where one idea would spark another and another and so on.  A place to learn something new.

These ideals are still the driving force behind Spark.  Although the partners have changed, we are all dedicated to this purpose.

This year, Spark will be held at Noah's in Lindon, Ut.  The dates are Oct. 21st and 22nd.  Registration opens on Friday, April 1st.


Heather said...

So stinkin' excited! I've got it on our family calendar, and am SO planning to be here!!

Kate said...

Do you have to pay full tuition to attend the market?