Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mindy Gledhill is so *sparky*

Check out her new music video....I am in LOVE! There's something so *spark*y about her lyrics, her style, her attitude! I love it!  In fact, we've even included some of her lyrics as part of our 'décor' at Spark...THAT is how inspired we are!
And....can you believe we get to be personally sparked by HER? Tomorrow night at Spark? can. not. wait! We love you Mindy!
pst. if you haven't purchased her album it. now. you won't regret the inspirational, amazingly FUN music of Mindy! 

Today is the day we transform our fab, funky venue into the Spark EVENT! Noah's has been a*mazing to work with!  For you locals..we HIGHLY recommend this venue for ANYTHING! They are amazing!

We are so excited to decorate today...& have some surprises up our sleeve....have you ever wanted to SEE the magic happen? hmm.....I LOVE befores & afters! 
see you soon, sparkettes!

1 comment:

amy said...

i love her! definitely sparky. bought her album and have been jammin to it. if you are going to a concert, you HAVE to know the music to fully appreciate, right? can't wait to see the MAGIC!