Friday, April 30, 2010

FAQs: Hotels & info

Many of you will be coming in from out of state/town, so I thought I'd give you some hotel suggestions & some info on the venue location & distance from the airport.

Noah's is located right off of the freeway & is about 48 mi. from the Salt Lake City Airport.
So, you could stay in a hotel anywhere along your travel route, but if it were me....I would stay in 1 of the 2 hotels that are right there at Thanksgiving Point. We, Utahns call this: The Point Of the Mountain. Which just means, it's about halfway in between Salt Lake City Valley (which is where the airport is) & Utah Valley (which is where Spark will be held.)
So, the hotels there are on the way, in between & all that jazz. Only about 15 min. from the venue at Noah's.

But...the very reason I would stay in one of those hotels is this: They are right there, very close to the freeway exit to...*dun dun dun* THE Dear Lizzie Boutique!!!!

Yes, it's true. You could go visit this lovely little boutique in all its glory! (I don't want to ruin any surprises, but....suffice it to say, Dear Lizzie will be a lovely part of the whole Spark experience at the venue.) It is a straight shot East towards the fabulous mountains & you can get directions here.

So, the 2 hotels there are:
Marriott Spring Hill Suites
Hampton Inn

Grab your girlfriends, fly on in, rent a car & come & Spark it up with us! We are so excited!
Any questions contact Megan Aslett

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Nancy W said...

Thank you dear friend! I am so over the top excited about coming for Spark!! I think we are going to come up on early Thursday so we can hit a few spots we know about and Dear Lizzie is on the top of our list! *hugs, hugs and more hugs from your favorite stalker ;)