Monday, February 8, 2010

Spark No. 2!

In case you missed it...this Studio 5 segment was all about Sparking Your Creativity with our own Liz! *she's darling, isn't she?*

And...we announced that there will, indeed, be a Spark No. 2!
Be watching for details on dates & such...we'll post HERE first!


april said...

Look how cute you guys are! You all looked fab on the show and oh my word, the first time ever I make it on television and all you can see is my butt.


YEAH for Spark #2!!!!!!!!!!

crystal b. said...

You guys are so darling. I miss you!! And I just cannot wait for Spark #2!!!!! It's been fun reading your blogs and seeing all the fabulous things you are doing. So inspiring!!


Rosie said...

I am just so so excited about Spark 2! I am already imagining the possibilities!!

Lori Shrout said...

Sooooo excited for Spark No2.
I am telling everyone I cannot plan anything in November yet - because I have to be free for whenever Spark is!!

meghanboeckman said...

oooooo Can't wait. hopefully I will be able to make it!!

Jeanneoli said...

Fun interview! Thanks for sharing.

Bernadine said...

Do you know when Spark #2 is going to take place?

Shari B. said...

When is spark 2? hmmmm?????

Anonymous said...

Hip-Hip-Hooray!!!! I'm so excited about Spark #2. We'll all be even sparkier!