Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Meet Kelly McCaleb!

Kelly is another one of our fabulous teachers who will be teaching the Feel your Spark class. She's an amazing creative woman.
When I first met Kelly she just exuded spark. She's sassy, sparky, funny & lively.

She's a talented seamstress:
She not only created this amazing quilt out of vintage fabrics, but look how she
styles her photos! (Love that butterfly wall!) She's just got an eye for how to style her photography! I love it!

She's a talented Etsy store owner: Kelly McCaleb Handmade is filled with her handmade delights.

She's a talented knit-goddess. As well as an amazingly talented crochet-queen! I have this cuff & I adore it! Made with a vintage button...mmm...she's just got that spark!

And...she's a master at blogging. Check out her blog , My Happy Little Life...for daily inspiration!
I love how she writes, adds visuals, recipes, insights..she's just amazing!

But, as she'll tell you: She works at these skills. She's passionate about learning new skills & keeping old arts alive: like knitting!

She has such insights on being passionate about what you create...letting go of fear. You'll LOVE the fantastic fabric journey you'll take with her as she teaches you how to re-purpose tee shirts in creative & unique ways that will surely spark your creative spirit within! We are all so excited! You won't want to miss it!

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