Thursday, October 29, 2009

Keynote: Cassandra Christensen Barney

We're so excited to have Cassandra Barney as our keynote speaker!!!!!!!! (If i add more exclamation points it means I'm super extra excited!!!!!!)

Cassandra is an amazing artist and such a creative woman. Truthfully, Rhonna confided early on to us that she had a massive blog crush on Cass and her BLOG. gets better -- she's going to be doing some tiny tin paintings especially for Spark and will be offering them for sale in our General Store. Isn't it BEAUTIFUL and SPARKY!!

Let me show you what I mean....hold onto yourselves though cause she's gonna blow you away with her delicacy and her sensitivity with her subjects and her medium.

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Anne said...

i fell in love with cassandra barney at the last byu women's conference when i saw her art displayed in the byu bookstore. i hunted down someone who could tell me who the artist was and i have been obsessed ever since. i am so excited for her to be at spark.